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digital doula
Art, Media
Digital Doula App
“Digital Doula” is a mobile app concept for high-risk pregnant women of color in Harlem to reduce infant mortality – which is double the citywide average and similar to developing countries. I interviewed four doulas and researched the topic of doctor-patient relationships to create a prototype for the mobile app. 


Surveillance and selfie culture collide to increase awareness and spark debate about the implications of mass surveillance in the 21st century. #‎surveillanceselfie used digital technology to watch 'the watcher' and think critically about Big Data and mass surveillance. 
For 100 days, I created a collage every day as a part of #the100dayproject originally created by Elle Luna, an SF-based artist, for The Great Discontent online magazine. This creative endeavor, was a test in commitment, endurance, inspiration, and letting go of perfectionism. It helped me to find beauty in the "everyday".
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Democracy Docket Op-Ed

​Local youth-led organizations that show up day in and day out — and not just in the run up to elections — to care for their communities are instrumental in connecting voting to issues that directly impact people’s daily lives.

NonProfit Quarterly Op-Ed

​Black youth and their collective power go beyond their strength as a voting bloc, and no one knows that better than Black youth organizers—young leaders who need sustained investment from all levels of government and philanthropy to continue unlocking Black youth power.

New York Times Op-Ed Feature

​Led effort connecting freelance writer and NYT editor with youth organizers to tell the story of the power of youth organizing and its impact on the 2020 election.  

Clear Channel Radio Special

​Co-produced Clear Channel Radio special program, "Together We Are Greater Than AIDS" to discuss impact of HIV/AIDS in African-American community featuring panel of celebrity guests. 

EBONY Magazine HIV/AIDS Series

​Collaborated with EBONY Magazine to raise awareness of HIV Testing Month by providing HIV/AIDS related content and stories of Greater Than AIDS Ambassadors.

Social Impact
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Youth Vote 2020

Spearheaded multiple key partnerships with corporations, including ViacomCBS, to help drive a new dominant narrative in the media amplifying the power of the youth vote and the vital role of young people in our democracy.  
Refugee Communications Project

Managed design and executed implementation of digital communications strategies (SMS campaign , website , and mobile app) to best reach refugees throughout their resettlement journey to the United States from pre-departure to post-arrival. I also employed user-centered design strategies such as conducting user testing sessions with refugees and created promotional materials to increase the uptake of these digital channels.



Implemented RealTalkDC social marketing campaign motivating nearly 2K youth ages 13 – 24 to get HIV/STI tested and nearly 10K youth accessing HIV info through digital media, PR, and events.
Erase the Epidemic Editorial (PDF)

This editorial addresses the religious community in Washington, DC to show how the church can make a positive impact on supporting people living with HIV and preventing new infections in the city.


Just a sample of my work. To discuss services I can provide you or your organization >>
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