Connecting people and building relationships that lead to social impact, creating digital media strategies for refugees resettling to the United States, managing a public health marketing campaign to influence youth ages 13 - 24 to practice safer sex and get tested, helping to revolutionize the use of digital media as a political tool, and utilizing technology to impact lives have all influenced my strong belief that communications and technology have the power to give marginalized communities the ability to create their own agency.

My background in communications strategy paired with my diverse education in media, technology, and business provide me with a unique set of skills to seek opportunities to do what I love: connect people to tools and networks that will improve their lives.



Adapter: I embrace variety and I'm able to channel uncertainty; I thrive in ambiguity and enjoy doing substantially differing tasks over the course of days and weeks.


Includer: I love to be the glue between different groups of people and take action to create inclusive environments, especially on a team.

Self-Starter: I am autonomous by nature and highly motivated; I need little or no direction or management in order to be effective.


Storyteller: I have a natural ability to take the details of a story and weave them into a compelling narrative; I'm able to captivate audiences through verbal or written media.


Program Design, Implementation, and Management // Communications Strategy // Advocacy Campaign Strategy // Digital Media Strategy: Mobile Apps, SMS (Texting), and Mobile-Optimized Websites // Public-Private and Social Impact Partnerships // Relationship Management // Personnel Management // Capacity Building // Event Planning and Execution // Facilitation // Media Relations // Human-Centered Design // User Testing // Proposal Writing


Professional Resume Available Upon Request